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                                   Costume Design                              

Romeo and Juliet and  Zombies

A campy sequel to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this show explores what would have happen if Juliet's potion had been a formula to unintentionally start the zombie  apocalypse.

To parallel the campy and satire nature of the script we sticked with the 17th century period of the original script but added element of Anime and mild Lolita fashion to the designs. 

Director: Moy Hinojos

Stage Manager: Zoe Perrock

Scenery Design: Brian J. Ruggaber and Mollie West

Lighting Design: Jenni Propst and associate Matthew Russell

Costume Design: Hattie Fann

Sound Design: Anna Johnson and Micki McCormick

Projection Design: Ian Cameron Easterwood and Corinne Fann

Technical Director: Aaron Chang

Photography: Bill Simmers

Wig and Makeup Design by Michael Meyers and Acedemy of Makeup Arts students.

Crafts by Heather Duzan and University of Memphis students

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